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Phrasal and Prepositional verbs present a real problem for the English learner as they are very rarely literal. In other words, it's usually impossible to guess their meaning from their constituent parts. There is no obvious reason why the phrasal verb 'to take on' means to hire, but it does. Try the exercises and see how you do. Reading is one of the best ways to learn some of these verbs as they make a lot more sense in some sort of context.

Phrasal Verbs Multiple Choice 5

Instructions: Click on the answer you think is correct..

1. "We have no idea what the final bill will come to" means:
We don´t know how the bill was calculated.
We have no idea what the final cost will be.
We have no idea when the bill will arrive.
We don´t know when the bill is due.

2. "We´re going to have to let him go" means:
We´re going to have to lay him off.
We´re going to have to take him on.
We´re going to have to employ him.
We´re going to have to hire him.

3. "The alarm clock didn't go off this morning" means:
It didn´t break.
It didn´t fall off the shelf.
It didn´t cost much.
It didn´t ring.

4. "John didn't turn up until 10.30" means:
He didn´t leave until 10.30.
He didn´t get out of bed until 10.30.
He didn´t arrive until 10.30.
He didn´t go to bed until 12.30

5. "Make sure you wrap up well when you go out" means:
Look where you´re going
Wear lots of thick clothes.
Dress elegantly
Drive carefully.

6. "John´s planning to do up his apartment" means:
He´s planning to sell it
He´s planning to rent it out
He´s planning to clean it
He´s planning to redecorate it

7. "I´m afraid I can´t go along with the proposal" means:
I can´t discuss the proposal now
I can´t agree to the proposal.
I can´t understand the proposal
I can´t see the logic of the proposal

8. "He takes after his father" means:
He gets a lot of help from his father.
He gets a lot of financial help from his father.
He resembles his father, either physically or in personality.
He doesn´t like his father

9. Steve works out a lot means:
He does a lot of mathematical calculations
He works outside a lot
He does a lot of studying
He goes to the gym a lot

10. "Their marriage didn´t work out because they had nothing in common" means:
Their marriage was very passionate
Their marriage wasn´t successful.
Their marriage didn´t last very long.
Their marriage was very short